Friday, February 17, 2017

Post #21 - Chromebook, Hallway Lab, iPads, Printers

Just a few quick updates today. Wishing you all a wonderful vacation. 

Chromebook: We are still missing an Acer Chromebook from the 4th grade Chromebook cart. The computer is labeled - WMS0710. Please be on the look out and check your cart to make sure you only have the devices that are assigned to your classroom.

Hallway Lab: The Hallway Lab is back open. Willie installed a temporary fix to stabilize the countertop. A permanent fix will be installed over break. Please do not sit or put a lot of pressure on the countertops in the hallway lab.

iPads -Building Good Habits - As you have your students use iPads either in the classroom or from the computer lab cart, you should be helping them to build good iPad habits. Here are two routines you should be teaching your students. 

  • When using apps on the iPads that require students to login, please be teaching your students to logout of the app when they are finished. If students don't logout, then the next student who uses that app must log the child out before they can login. 
  • Please also teach your children how to close the app when they are finished. I am seeing tons of apps left open, which will cause the battery to drain faster.

Thanks for your help in this matter. 

Printers: Please be mindful of the documents that you are printing and where you are printing them. There have been stacks of printed files left at the Computer Lab and Color Lab printers lately. This is a waste of both paper and ink. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Post #20 - Medfield Digital Learning Day, Splash Math Letter, Software Request Form

Winter has finally shown up! I love long walks in the snow after being cooped up inside all day.

Thank you all for your continued support and integration of technology in your classrooms.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Enjoy your weekend.

Medfield's Digital Learning Day - Medfield Public Schools offers a full day teacher PD day each year. This year their Digital Learning Day is Wednesday, March 8th at Medfield HS. The workshops will focus on collaborative learning, well-being, whole child and communication as well as Makerspace/STEAM and more.

Here is a link to their workshop offerings. This is a great opportunity to connect and learn with colleagues from the area. I would love to take a group of teachers with me. If you are interested in attending, please let me know by Monday, February 13th.

Splash Math Letter - Several teachers asked for a more formal letter to send to families with regard to Splash Math. Here is a link to a Splash Math family letter which Becky and I created. There are places in the letter where you can personalize it to fit your classroom needs. If you'd like to do that you will need to make a copy of the letter as you only have "view" access. We hope you find this letter helpful.

Software Requests - As we all get into the routine of using the software request form, please keep in mind at the older grades that students should only be using their Wayland student google account to sign-in to Google Apps for Students and Google Classroom. If a tool has the ability for students to sign-up or login by using their google apps account, we need to make sure that website has been approved. For example, under google drive their is a feature to add "more" apps. If a classroom teachers wants to use an additional app like WeVideo then you need to fill out the software request form. All of the additionally apps available in Google Apps For Education are not automatically approved for student use.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

#19 - Computer Lab iPads, Splash Math App, Tech Day Sign-Up, VoiceThread

Happy Friday Teachers! A few items in this week's tech update. 

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance, please let me know. 

Enjoy your weekend.

Computer Lab iPad Cart - Please do your best to return the iPads and/or the computer lab iPad cart by 3:15. The iPads should be returned to the appropriate numbered slot, screen facing up, and the power slot facing out. 

Splash Math App - The Splash Math app has been installed on all iPads in the building. If you are having trouble getting students logged in, please check out these directions. If you need assistance, please let me know. I'd be happy to come troubleshoot with you.

Tech 1-to-1 Day - The next Tech 1-to-1 Day is Thursday, February 9th. If you are interested in working together, please sign up on the Doodle Poll. Thank you.

VoiceThread - We have the opportunity to join in a District Wide subscription to VoiceThread. This is an online tool to have conversations in the cloud! Please let me know if you would like a teacher account.