Technology Devices at HH

iPads - Our goal is to provide each classroom with a cart of 6 iPads. Here is how we are doing:

1st: 6 iPads per classroom

2nd: 6 iPads per classroom
3rd: 6 iPads per classroom
4th: 5 iPads per classroom
5th: 5 iPads per classroom

2 iPads Carts in the main lab for sign out - cart of 25 and a cart of 12.

iPod (video) - Each grade level K-5 has a group of iPods to use. 
K: one iPod
1st/2nd: 2 iPods
3rd: 4 iPods
4th: 5 iPods
5th: 4 iPods

Interactive Whiteboards - These have been installed in all grade level classrooms as well as the art room, music room, library and computer lab. 

Interactive Flat Panels - We will be transitioning to this newer technology to replace classroom projectors/whiteboards. We have 5 at HH - Miriam Morrison, Gretchen Knox, Deb Dowd, May Moynihan and the tech lab will be piloting these boards.

Printers - We have 6 printers located in the hallways and one printer in the staff room. Printers are located:

Printer Name
Printer Location
outside 3rd grade
outside Ms. Cohen's classroom
outside guidance
across from the ARC room
computer lab
outside Ms. Mattson's room
lab color printer
outside Ms. Mattson's room
outside library
across from the Art room 
staff room
printer remove during construction
main hallway
located next to the lost and found
ALSO note: All copiers in the building can be printed to from computers. Great for teachers when making copies - go directly to the copier; skip the printer!

Projector/Document Camera setups - all classrooms have their own mounted projector and a cart with a document camera. All classrooms have mounted speakers.

Video Camera - We have several handheld video cameras in the computer lab. I believe there is also one in the library. These handheld video cameras are easy to use. If you can use a digital camera then you can use these video cameras. They use a memory card, making it very easy to transfer your videos to the computer. You can then use iMovie to edit the video. A great classroom project!