Looking for Tech Assistance?

Joe is available to work at HH on Tuesday mornings. Our new technician Kathy will meet with me on Friday afternoons.

We are using a new technology help ticket system called SpiceWorks Help Desk

You have two options in which to get help:

1. email me or see me regarding your technical issue (basically continue as normal)

2. You access the WPS Help Desk by submitting a ticket as follows:

Use the link under For Staff or under Quick Links. Please fill in the fields (your email, issue category, asset tag number, room #, building, summary, and description of issue) as shown in the image below. 

Why you would fill out a Help Ticket? 

• You don’t have it loaded on your machine
• Not working or freezing

• Printer not working
• File won’t print

• Computer isn’t working, can’t log in
• Sound isn’t working
• Laptops not working, logging in, freezing, don’t see the list of names…
• Projector and/or document camera not working