Sunday, December 22, 2019

Post #6: Equipment Care, New AV Installations, Printing,

Wishing you a wonderful vacation and a very Happy New Year!

Equipment Care: When we return in January, I often find that students need reminders about routines & caring for our school equipment is one of them. While my hope is that they care for all equipment both at home and at school, I find that home care is often different than school care.

Please take a few minutes to remind students to:
  • When making transitions, walk with closed Chromebooks.
  • Carry equipment with 2 hands
  • Carefully return equipment to their appropriate slot in your charging carts.
  • Carefully plug the equipment in for charging
  • No eating or drinking while using equipment
Thank you for helping to foster positive device care in your classrooms!

New AV Installations: I'm excited for our next round of Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) installations - Laura, Deborah, Fiona, Kori, and Jaclyn! They will happen over the December break starting on Monday, December 23rd!!

Printing: A few 5th graders created signs for each printer. After vacation, each printer will be clearly labeled with its printer name. Our hope is that this will facilitate the collecting of printouts from the appropriate printers.

Printing from Chromebooks: Over vacation, Joe and Ruth are streamlining the printing process from Chromebooks. In order to facilitate this process, please have all students RESTART their Chromebooks on Monday, January 6th when we return from vacation.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Post #5 - Missing iPad, Coding, Tech Day's are BACK! Tech Committee

MISSING IPAD - I am missing an iPad from the Skills Cart. It has a black case and is labeled HH-SKILLS. Can you please check your classroom carts and return to the lab if you find it. 

Coding - Thank you all for sending home reminders and collecting the permission slips. We are almost there. Just a few more to collect. Most classes have started coding this week using - Code Monkey App (1st Grade), (2nd Grade & 3rd Grade), Lego Bits & Bricks (4th Grade) and LightBot (5th Grade).

Tech 1-on-1 Days: I'm excited to announce that starting this month 1-on-1 Tech Days are back. For those that are new, this is a day where you can sign up for a slot to work with me on a technology topic of your choosing (it could be a list of nagging questions you want answers to, a curriculum project or website/blog work...). A sub will be in to cover your class so you need to have sub plans ready. 

If you are interested in working together on Thursday, December 12th, please use this link to sign up for a time slot.

Technology Committee - Reminder that the next HH Technology Committee meeting is Tuesday, December 10th @ 2:45 in the computer lab. All are welcome to join in the discussion. If you are not able to attend and have any questions or concerns, please pass them along to your grade level rep or email me directly.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Post #4 - ActiveInspire Users,, Printing, Tech Committee, Tumblebooks

 Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend. Please let me know if you have any questions or need technology assistance!

ActiveInspire Users: There is an updated version of the software and driver in our Self-Service. If you use ActivInspire, then you should install the updates.

Here are directions to install updates from self-service. **This can only be done from school.**

CODE.ORG: I will be using with students in Technology class starting in December. Thank you all for sending home the permission slips with students. I emailed families as well so they should be expecting the permission slip. I do need one for each student before I can create their accounts. Feel free to send down slips as they come in or collect a bunch at a time. Please do whatever works for you. I appreciate your assistance in this process. 

Printing: Each week there are a lot of unclaimed print outs at the lab color printer area. A couple of things to note:

  • Check WHERE you are printing BEFORE you click that print button. Your computer will remember the last place you printed. If you do not need COLOR then PLEASE CHANGE IT to a black/white printer. This is also the case for your students. 
  • If you send a document to the printer and it doesn't print (due to a printer problem), once the printer problem is fixed, your document will be printed. Only send a document once to the printer, if nothing comes out, please let me know and I will try to resolve the issue. Sending a document multiple times to the same printer will not fix the printer issue.

Tech Committee: The HH Technology Committee met this past Tuesday. We had a great meeting wherein we looked at our software budget. Check out the notes from our meeting here. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, December 10th @ 2:45. All are welcome to join us. 

TumbleBooks - Looking for ways to integrate TumbleBooks into your classroom? The link to Tumblebooks is under For Students - ELA. They have books in French and Spanish too!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Post #3 Chromebooks, Google Issues, Hallway Copier, Happy Numbers, Software Subscriptions

Please let me know if you have any questions! Enjoy the 3-day weekend!! 🎉

Chromebooks: I'm happy to announce that 3rd grade is receiving an additional Chromebook cart to make them 1-to-1!! The Chromebooks will be coming in the next few weeks!!

Google Issues: Late on Friday, our continued issues with Google were resolved. However, please let us know if you experience any further problems. The Tech Department is still determining what caused these issues. 

If you experience any issues, first TRY REFRESHING your browser. Click the refresh arrow  on your toolbar.

Hallway Copier - The network cable was unplugged not allowing you to print to the copier from your laptop. All is fixed and ready for you to use again!

Happy Numbers: FYI - Joe added a link directly to Happy Numbers on the iPads at HH. The icon is Dino the dinosaur 

Software Subscriptions Update: Eva continues to make progress in setting up our school subscriptions. Just in case you missed it. The following software subscriptions are ready for use. The BOLD items are the most recent additions to the list. 

  • AMC Anywhere (K-2)
  • Track My Progress
  • All The Right Type (3rd-5th)
  • Happy Numbers (K-2 only)
  • Lexia
  • Seesaw (1st and 2nd grade only)
  • Symphony Math

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Post #2: Blogger, Copier/Printers, Chromebooks, iPad Carts, Software Subscriptions, Technology Committee

Blogger: If you use Blogger as your classroom website, you may need to make a setting change. Thanks to May for bringing this to my attention.

If you see the below message on your Blogger site:

Then follow these steps to correct:

This is happening as may browsers are preferring HTTPS over HTTP in the URL address. If you need assistance, please let me know.

Chromebook Updates:

  • New charging adapters: I understand the new adapters on the power cords are a little challenging for the students to manage. If you'd like me to train a few students on how to easily plug in your Chromebooks with the new adapters, please let me know. I'd be happy to. 
  • ELL Testing on Chromebooks: Ruth Rojas (one of our technicians) was able to install the WIDA testing app and MCAS app on all Chromebooks in the building. Therefore, any Chromebook can be used for either testing. 
  • Stephanie, will you let us know when you need Chromebooks for testing? FYI ~ Most classrooms have an extra Chromebook that is not assigned to a student. 

Copier and Printer Updates: A couple of changes to printers and copiers in the building. Just want to make sure that you all know where these printers and copiers are located. 

  • The copier in the new workroom is now online. You can find it in your printer list as HH_Copy_Room. 
  • Do not print to HH_3rd_grade_Copier as that copier no longer exists in that location.

Printers in the building:

  • HH_Copy_Room - workroom copier
  • Main_Hallway - near the entrance to the side parking lot
  • Outside_Guidance - across from the Arc Room
  • Computer_Lab - outside Jaclyn's classroom
  • Lab_Color - outside Jaclyn's classroom
  • Outside_Library - corner across from the Art room 
  • Outside_3rd_Grade - near Allys and Fiona's classrooms

iPad Carts: The iPad carts in the computer lab are all set to go. If you have signed up for a weekly time slot then you may begin this week if that works for your schedule.
  • What you have access to? Both carts have access to our main instructional tools: Lexia, Symphony Math, Raz-Kids, Starfall as well as many other educational apps.
  • Lab iPad Cart - a cart with 25 iPads (orange cases)
  • Skills Lab iPad Cart - a cart with 12 iPads (black cases)
  • Please do not remove the black headphone extenders. They are being used to help prevent damage to the headphone jack area. 

Software Subscriptions Update: Eva continues to make progress in setting up our school subscriptions. Just in case you missed it. The following software subscriptions are ready for use:
  • Happy Numbers (K-2 only)
  • Lexia
  • Seesaw (1st and 2nd grade only)
  • Symphony Math
Technology Committee: We'd like to get the Technology Committee up and running this year. This committee helps guide the teaching and learning of technology at HH School and in our district. If you would be willing to represent your team, please sign up on this Google Doc. Once we have a team, I will reach out to set up our first meeting date. Thank you all for considering!

Friday, September 6, 2019

POST #1 - Lots of Topics!

Hope everyone had a great start to the school year tomorrow. Finally a few technology updates:

Classroom Devices: 

  • All classroom carts have been delivered!!
  • Chromebooks Carts - FYI in several of our carts received a cable adaptor to help with the durability of the power cords. The classroom carts affected are in the following classrooms: Devlin, Mattson, Aronian, Reardon and the newer grade 3 cart. I'd be happy to do a demo of how to plug in the cords with you and/or your students.

  • Interactive Flat Panels - 5 panels were installed this summer (May, Deb, Gretchen, Miriam, and the computer lab). We are excited to start using this new technology with our students.

Device Care: It's important to set up routines for taking care of your classroom carts - returning devices to the cart, logging off when done, plugging them in for charging, cleaning... Please let me know if you need any assistance in this manner.

Lab/Cart Sign-ups: If you are interested in a permanent weekly slot to use the labs or iPad carts, then please sign up on the appropriate calendar. 

There are 4 options to choose from:

Main Lab - 25 iPads with purple covers (only iPads)
Hallway Lab - older mac desktop computers
Skills iPad Cart - 12 iPads with black cases
Lab Cart - 25 iPads with orange cases

The screenshots below give you an idea of what is available and when. You should already have access to the online google calendars. Please add a slot or two that works best for you. Or send me your request and I will take care of adding it to the calendar.

Main Lab:

Hallway Lab:

Skills iPad Cart (12):
Lab iPad Cart (25 orange iPads) - totally wide open!!

Main Lab: Just a reminder - the main lab desktops were removed in June. Classes that come to the main computer lab will either use the lab iPads (purple covers) or bring Chromebooks from their classrooms (grades 3-5). If you sign up for the lab, please be aware of the tools you will have access to.

Online Software Subscriptions: Eva is diligently working on getting our online subscriptions ready (Lexia, Symphony Math..). 

The following titles are completed and ready for use:

  • Google Accounts
  • Lexia
  • Seesaw (Grades 1 and 2)
I will continue to keep you updated as other titles are ready!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Post #22: End of Year Tech Procedures, Software Tools, Technology Committee

...for all of your work, support and input this year. Technology changes so frequently and we all try to go with the flow as best we can. Here are a few items to end the year.

Please let me know if you have any questions or issues. 

End of Year for TechnologyEnd of Year Technology Procedures - Lots of information so please read carefully. If you need cleaning supplies, please stop by the lab. A few important dates to note:
  • Tuesday, June 18th by 3:00: 
    • All classroom laptop/iPad carts need to be returned to the computer lab by the end of the day. (Cleaned, Shut down and organized)
  • Tuesday, June 18th by 3:00: All TA laptops along with chargers need to be returned to the computer lab. A box will be on the main table. Please check your name off that you returned your laptop and charger. 
  • All WTA staff must complete the summer Checkout Form so we know if you will be taking your laptop home for the summer. (Link is also on the End of Year Tech Procedures page.)

Software Tools:  As you plan for next year, you may want to review the Instructional Tools Policy (which is found under For Staff). From there, you will see a link to the MSPA website which lists our software tools and their status for use. This website will be updated over the summer as agreements are signed and received. 

Technology Committee: The technology committee met this week. The notes from our meeting can be found here. We had another productive meeting. We discussed the device needs of students/staff and software tools. We will need to continue to work with the Leisha and the administrators to ensure that we receive the budget necessary to support our device needs. 

I'd like to thank all of the technology committee members for their time, thoughtful input and collaboration this year!!