Post #28 : Seesaw Snack & Chat, End of Year Equipment Cleanup, Teacher Laptops, TA Laptops, Help Ticket, Zoom

As we approach the end of the school year, here are a few technology updates.
K-2 Teachers and staff join me for a Seesaw Snack and Chat on Wednesday, June 10th from 1:30-2:30. Let's learn from each other and share what's been working and not working in Seesaw!If you are keeping technology over the Summer, please complete the Summer Hardware Form, or return it to your School in June. Hardware (Including all Elementary classroom iPads and Chromebooks) can also be returned during our student Chromebook and iPad collection at the Middle School June 24-25 and June 29-30, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.Classroom Equipment: All classroom technology should be unplugged and stored safely in your classroom (doc cameras, digital cameras...) All iPad and laptop carts/tubs should be left in the hallway outside your classroom including all power cords. New Laptops for Teachers will be ordered after the Town Meeting (Date TBD). We will swap computers in the fall. Remember to backup all your files:  Backup I…

Post 27: Manage Tasks in Gmail, Managing Google Meet Links, Online Whiteboard without Screensharing

As we continue with remote learning, I'm spending some time reflecting on:existing tools and how to streamline our processeswhat do we need to support teachers and students in this next phase where there is more instruction happening online (potentially in the fall too)With that said, here we go...
An easy way to manage tasks in Gmail: There is a newish feature in Gmail where you can manage your tasks easily. Our inboxes are inundated more than ever. How often have I meant to go back and respond to an email and it got buried in my inbox?? Now you can manage tasks right from Gmail.
Add to Tasks in Gmail makes it easy to quickly add an item to your Tasks list and keep the context of the email connected to the task. The Task will appear in the sidebar of Gmail as well as on your personal Google Calendar. 
See it in action here:  

Managing Google Meet Links: I understand managing google meet links for staff, students, and families can be challenging. This is in part due to how people are …

Post #26: Kahoot Update, Student Device Collection, Mix Up Google Meets, Split Screen

Kahoot Update: There has been confusion about whether or not we can use Kahoot with our students as the company declined to sign our SDP agreement. After many discussions, it has been determined that teachers MAY use Kahoot as long as students DO NOT create accounts. Teachers can create a teacher account and then share the Kahoot with their students to complete. This could be done live during a Google Meet, in Google Classroom or posted on your learning menus! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask. Student Device Collection:In order to prepare student devices (iPads/Chromebooks) for use this fall, we are seeking your input with regard to student device collection. Please provide your feedback here
Fun Ways to Mix Up Google Meets: 
Start the meeting with a fun Quarantine Name: your name is - the name of something or someone you miss + what you had for breakfast!Share a live feed video as students enter the meet before your meeting begins.https://www.allaboutbi…

Post #25: IMPORTANT UPDATES GOOGLE DOCS, Google Meet Tip, Student Device Assistance, TumbleBooks Feature

IMPORTANT GOOGLE DOCS UPDATE: Looks like Google has updated again!! You may have noticed that the "SHARE" feature in google docs is different. If you need assistance, here are directions to help you navigate the new look.

IMPORTANT GOOGLE MEET TIP: Only the owner of a google meet will receive notifications to allow students into a meet. Please be sure that the owner is always present in the google meet to allow students in!

Student Device Help: Please have families complete the Student Help ticket if they are experiencing technical issues with a Wayland distributed device. For example - the camera is not working on their Chromebook, trackpad not working... This is the same helpt ticket to request a device. This process has been set up to support students/families with tech issues on their devices. 

I can continue to help troubleshoot software tools (issues getting into Seesaw...), but the technicians are really the best at supporting hardware issues.

TumbleBooks New Feature - MY…

Post #24: Teacher Laptop Refresh, Remote Learning Tools, Student Devices, and Seesaw Tips

In case you missed these announcements at today's staff meeting:
Teacher Laptop Refresh: Leisha has extended the lease on our current teacher MacBooks until the end of August. If you are slatted to get a new computer this summer, it will now happen at the end of the summer. She is planning to order the laptops on July 1st and use the summer to set them up. Then when we return to school (in whatever fashion that will look like), you will make an in-person computer swap! For your planning purposes, you will have your current computer for the summer. 

Remote Learning Tools: In preparation for the fall, the Tech Department will be gathering your feedback regarding essential tools. Stay tuned for move info in the coming weeks. 

Student Devices: Leisha is working towards a K-2 1-to-1 iPad initiative for the fall. Now more than ever, we see access as an obstacle for many students and families during remote learning. 

Seesaw Tip: Now that you have created a variety of activities in Seesaw for…

Post 23: Google Classroom Tips, Google Sites Update, and Seesaw Tip

I hope everyone's week is going well. I've been focusing my time on ways to streamline our remote learning practices. With that in mind. Here are a few.

Google Classroom Tips For Remote Learning: I stumbled upon this  VIDEO which outlines different features to utilize in Google Classroom during remote learning. These features can streamline your teaching and facilitate student learning.

**Note the video goes into lots of ideas, I've noted 3 of them below. 
Declutter Stream - Did you know that every time you post materials, make an assignment, or an announcement in google classroom, a notice appears on the classroom "STREAM" page. This makes the stream very long and almost unusable.Student Comments - You might find that you want students to comment on assignments. Typically I have this feature turn-off in my classroom, but we are all working a little bit differently and this could be a great feature to facilitate quick questions/responses.Create Topics - useful in ke…