Thursday, October 27, 2016

#9 Google Forms, PhotosForClass, Tech In-Service, Subscription Renewals

Hope you had a wonderful week. I'm sharing a couple of tools this week and a reminder regarding some technology feedback. Enjoy your weekend.

Google Forms Quiz Feature: Have you used Google Forms to create an online quiz/test for your students? If so, the grading of your google forms quizzes just got easier! There is now a feature within Google Forms to grade your quizzes immediately as students take the quiz. There is no need to use a google forms add-on like Flubaroo. If you are interested in learning about this feature, read more in this article or see me and we can explore this together.

Has anyone ever used PhotosForClass? It looks to be an online tool to locate safe images. The images on this site are also licensed for public use (Creative Commons).

Technology In-Service Wednesdays: As you know, you will rotate through a variety of curriculum areas during the Wednesday PD afternoons. The technology specialists are looking for feedback as to what you might want to cover during our tech sessions. Please provide your feedback on this Padlet. You may do so individually or as a grade level. Especially important to hear from Grade 1 as you are up next for Tech PD on November 30th. Thanks for your contributions so we can make the most of our time together.

Subscription Renewals: There are a few subscriptions coming up for renewal. In order to allocate our funds appropriately, please provide your feedback on the 2016-17 Subscription Services Survey. Thank you if you already provided your feedback.

Friday, October 21, 2016

#8 - iPad Apps, MassCue Share (Padlet), PLC, Tech Committee

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Hope you all had a wonderful week. Things seem to be moving along. If you need tech assistance, please don't hesitate to ask. Have a wonderful weekend!

iPad Apps: Just a reminder that most classroom iPads do not have all of your grade level apps back on them. If you are missing an app that you would like to use, please let me know the name of the app. Please keep in mind that it could take a few days for Joe to complete your request. 

FYI - Joe worked on installing the One Minute Reader apps for all grade level classrooms yesterday. So that app should be all set by the time you read this.

MassCue Share: Padlet 

    • Thanks to Miriam for reminding me about a quick and easy tool to use with your students/parents/teachers to gather information.
    • Padlet is like a giant digital poster board where you collect/brainstorm/share ideas.
    • Teachers create a free account, design your Padlet, and then can share the Padlet on your website. Then your audience (students, teachers, parents) can add their thoughts and ideas without needing accounts. It could be used in class for brainstorming, reading response, homework...
    • You can also access public Padlets by doing a google search - for example there are many global read aloud Padlets. Here’s a Padlet on Peter Reynolds “ish”. Fun to connect with classrooms from around the country.
    • If you'd like to try this free tool and need assistance, please let me know.
  • Here is a link to a great resource article and video on how to use Padlet in your classroom. FYI - Padlet was just updated last week. The video demonstration shows the older setup. However, the concepts and features are still the same; the menu bar looks different.

PLC Meetings: Please let me know if you would like me to attend a PLC meeting to answer any tech questions you have regarding iPads, laptops, website subscriptions... 

Tech Committee: The HH Tech Committee met this week. I will be sending out an email with two links. One link for your feedback on renewing software subscriptions and another link for gathering your suggestions for Tech PD topics for the Wednesday Tech In-Service afternoons. Please see our meeting notes for further updates.

Friday, October 14, 2016

#7 Brainpop, Tech Committee Reminder

Joe has begun following his regular tech support schedule. He is here on Tuesday mornings. However, he often will pop in as he sees tickets in the Wayland Help Desk system. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or need assistance. Have a wonderful weekend!

BrainPop/BrainPop Jr: A reminder that we have a subscription to both BrainPop (3-5) and BrainPop Jr (K-3). Login information is below. If you have any issues logging in, check out the Login Help button when you access the login screen.

Teacher login account pattern:
username: Firstname_Lastname
password: *teachers receive an email from BrainPOP to set up their passwords.

BrainPop - Reading Skills

BrainPop Jr. - Introduction

Tech Committee: Just a reminder we will meet next Thursday, October 20th from 3:30 - 4:30. All are welcome to attend and contribute to our discussions.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

#6 - ClassDojo Videos, Tech Committee Update, Tech Days,

Thank you Trang for sharing how you use ClassDoJo in your classroom. Here is a link to the ClassDojo Biggest Ideas video series. There are five videos about growth mindset, which came out last spring. The new video series is called Empathy. The videos were created by ClassDojo in conjunction with Making Caring Common, a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Each video comes with a discussion guide. Here's the first video in the empathy series.

Tech Committee Update: Thank you to the Tech Committee members that were able to attend our meeting on Tuesday, September 27th. The table was packed with staff advocating our technology needs. It was beneficial for Leisha, Beth Monahan, Tricia and Jim to hear directly from teachers how accessing technology will impact your teaching and of course, student learning. We had a great conversation about hardware goals for each grade level. You can see the notes from our meeting on this google doc. If you have any questions about our device goals or other tech issues, please see your grade level representative or myself.  

Tech Day: Tech Days are back starting next week, Thursday October 13th. All teachers are welcome to sign up for a personal 50 minute technology training session. A sub will come relieve you from your classroom so we can work together on a topic of your choice ~ please have sub plans ready. The possibilities are endless.

Alternatively, this time slot could also be used for collaborative teaching so we would work together with your class on a technology integrated lesson in the lab or in your classroom (we can do this anytime ~ not just on these tech days). If you are hoping to use the lab, we will need to check the lab schedule to make sure time is available.

If you'd like to participate in the October 13th Tech 1:1 Day, please sign up for a slot on this doodle poll